How should education prepare an individual to achieve his/her optimum potential for the future?
In this dynamic world, information is more accessible than ever. Navigating sources and extracting the credible facts within this abundance of information can be extremely challenging for students. Here at iTHINK, we believe that good critical thinking skills are essential for learners striving to develop adaptability and flexibility. These traits are the ones that separate those who are successful from the rest. Posessing the right 'thinking disposition' is the factor that determines whether one can apply knowledge in order to tackle the complex and unpredictable contexts in the world that we live.
At iTHINK Education, we work to help students maximise their potential by developing them into THINKERs rather than absorbers. We seek to cultivate and nuture a 'culture of thinking'. Similarly, our team aims to create a learning environment where individual thinking is valued, visible and actively promoted across all of our subject areas, courses and 1-1 tutition.
“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to THINK”
( ~ Albert Einstein)
Helping our students to achieve academic excellence whilst emphasizing the importance and value of thinking in learning is the heart of our mission.
Through the interactive tutorial experience we offer, our team of experts aims to help learners to gain:
In-depth knowledge of the subject matter in their discipline
A thinking mindset – an essential ability to maximize one's potential
Academic skills – e.g. identification and evaluation of relevant resources, effective communication both orally and in writing, organization and time-management
Cognitive skills - the ability to apply appropriate knowledge & skills in unscripted situations
Ownership of learning – the development of self-reliance, independence and lifelong learning interest
Confidence in expressing their ideas
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