English Builder
English Builder helps students build a strong foundation in the English language. The course familiarises students with English through reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar. Students learn the foundations and mechanics of the English language, and use them to write grammatically correct essays of up to 300 words and converse with confidence. Students who graduate from the highest level of this program will be able to navigate daily life and function both in and outside the classroom using English as their primary language.
English Builder prepares students to attain the level of proficiency required by our other English courses. The small class sizes mean that students will receive plenty of one-to-one support from their tutor to address what needs improvement. They will also, in addition, enjoy the great benefits of reviewing and editing work along with their peers.
Suitable for students in Grade 1-8 or Year 2-9
Level I (Grade 1-2 or Year 2-3); Level II (Grade 3-4 or Year 4-5); Level III (Grade 5-6 or Year 6-7); Level IV (Grade 7-8 or Year 8-9)
Builds foundation for native English fluency
Preparation for advanced English curricula
Small class size not exceeding 4 students
Comprehension & Writing
Our Comprehension & Writing course builds upon the sound English foundation of students in their early primary years. Focus of this course would be on reading comprehension and understanding of meanings behind different passages. We believe that reading comprehension and writing skills go hand in hand and the more students get to read at an early stage, the better their writing skills will become down the road.
This course draws from a range of contemporary materials written or delivered in English, such as magazine articles, newspaper columns and multimedia. The idea is that through such materials, students can not only gain more exposure to the various types of written English, but also improve their comprehension and writing skills, as well as expand their vocabulary and awareness of the English language. Through this course, they will acquire different reading and writing techniques that can help them excel in their reading and writing ability, and help them to build a stronger foundation in this area.
Suitable for students in Grade 3-6 or Year 4-7
Level I (Grade 3-4 or Year 4-5); Level II (Grade 5-6 or Year 6-7)
Trains students to read, comprehend, analyse and construct a variety of different types of English documents, such as news reports, opinion columns, magazine articles and more
Small class size not exceeding 4 students
Academic Writing
Our academic writing course enables students to learn the practical skills needed to express their ideas in an eloquent, skilled and well-developed style of writing. Students learn and explore the various styles of English writing, which enables them to improve and expand their writing skills. The skill of successful writing is required for students to excel across a wide range of subjects, making the course both enriching and widely beneficial.
Similar to our other English courses, the small class sizes mean that students will receive ample one-to-one support from their tutor to address their individual weaknesses and writing style. The course is designed to aid students with writing in a number of different styles. Students' creative writing skills are challenged by 'Finish the Story’ tasks: a writing format that is now commonly used in UK Independent School entrance exams. Here they will acquire a variety of different writing techniques, such as figurative language, critical analysis, writing to persuade and writing to inform. The course includes tasks that help students ensure their writing is always evidenced and explained, which is an essential skill for the most successful writers. Simplistic language is replaced by mature and eloquent phrases, leaving each student with a unique and developed writing style.
Suitable for students in Grade 7-10 or Year 8-11
Level I (Grade 7-8 or Year 8-9); Level II (Grade 9-10 or Year 10-11)
Level II ideal for IBMYP students in preparing for IBDP English
Trains students to write academic essays such as research papers, opinion pieces, personal statements and more
Small class size not exceeding 4 students
Pre IGCSE Literature & Writing
Our Pre IGCSE Literature & Writing course is ideal for students who will be taking the IGCSE English Langauge & Literature subjects. It develops students’ ability to analyse and critique texts. Classical works in English and American literature are studied throughout the course, as students are steered away from the unquestioned acceptance of a text, and towards a more evaluative role as a reader. Students are presented with the tools of literary analysis and encouraged to think about the most appropriate way to employ these tools, dependent on the question at hand. Discussion and debate is a key part of the Pre IGCSE Literature & Writing workshops, as is translating these ideas into well-thought-out and coherent prose. While students are encouraged to give their own opinions and personal perspectives on a text, the importance of evidencing and explaining their ideas is also strongly emphasised. Combined, these abilities create writers who can successfully articulate and argue their unique point of view.
As students become more confident, the practice of comparative analysis is introduced to students, enabling them to compare texts on the basis of themes, literary techniques, argumentative style and relative merit. The course familiarises students with the works of celebrated English and American writers, carefully selected for their rich encoded meaning. The poetry, essays, short stories and novels studied on the course; encourage students to think beyond the superficial analysis of the literal text. Graduates of the highest level will be equipped with the skill and confidence necessary to approach an undergraduate-level literature course.
This course draws from works by famous authors including William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Virginia Woolf, Kate Chopin, George Orwell, Edgar Allen Poe and more.
Suitable for students in Grade 7-8 or Year 8-9
For Grade 9-10 or Year 10-11 students, 1-1 tutorial is highly recommended
Teaches students to perform critical analyses of all genres of literature
Cultivates sophisticated appreciation of English literature
Small class size not exceeding 4 students
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