Founder's Vision  
The unique tutorial system at the University of Oxford has always been one I have admired since studying there. The focus on interactive learning was fundemental in developing my skills in critical thinking and independent resarch. Encouraging students to be proactive and to show initiative creates young learners who are equipped not only for academic success, but for in the dynamic world of employment.
My mission was to create an education platform focused on thinking, learning and most importantly understanding. At iTHINK, we strive to create a 'culture of thinking' with a strong emphasis on participation and involvement. Our team aims to provide a learning experience which is both interesting, inspiring and rewarding.
Florence Ip
Florence attended Marymount Secondary School and Roedean School in the UK. She graduated from the University of Oxford with a B.A. (Hon M.A.) degree in Mathematical Sciences. After graduation, Florence started her career in the investment banking industry and had worked as an equity & derivatives trader for more than a decade. She was head of various trading teams at BNP Paribas, Barclays Capital, ANZ and Vontobel in Hong Kong where she was actively engaged in platform building and business strategies development.
Throughout her academic and work experience over the years, she had interacted with a diverse range of intellectuals and professionals. Inspired by their own individual outstanding qualities and backgrounds, Florence hopes to devote herself in helping students to develop the requisite skills and mindset for a successful career.
iTHINK Education
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