Math Builder
Math Builder course encourages students to focus on the core topics of arithmetics, algebra and geometry. This coherent approach to study will improve their self-confidence and independence in problem solving. As Math is a progressive subject, we at iTHINK believe that Math students should reconcile their understanding at each level to allow them to progress efficiently and effectively. Our course offers the perfect opportunity for students to refine their skills throughout the academic year.
Suitable for international school students in Grade 3-8 or Year 4-9
Interactive teaching method that encourages proactive feedback
Progressive study materials to enhance mathematical versatility
Small class size not exceeding 4 students
Grade 3-4
These levels give students the opportunity to develop and strengthen their Math fundamentals including arithmetic, fractions and geometry. Perfecting these core skills gives students a strong foundation in their Mathematical studies. This allows students to solve more complex problems efficiently as their studies progress.
Grade 5-6
As students become more confident in their ability to solve mathematical problems, these levels introduce students to new concepts such as algebra, Pythagoras' Theorem and basic probability. Such topics lend themselves well to studying Math through solving real life problems which students will find engaging and relevant.
Grade 7-8
These levels are aimed at students who are moving towards higher level Mathematics in their studies at school. By undertaking this course, students are encouraged to remain confident Math thinkers. Through looking at problems based on Science, Space and Finance, students have the opportunity to improve and perfect their mathematical abilities in an engaging format.
Math Plus
Why Math Plus?
Mathematics lays the groundwork for all science-based subjects. Many students fail to grasp the universality of math skills; comfort with mathematical concepts not only opens up career options, but also provides a deeper understanding of the world around us. From natural sciences like biology, chemistry and physics, to social sciences such as economics, a complete understanding of these subjects all depends on mathematical thinking. Unquestionably, Math is a universal tool for understanding and problem solving.
Course Structure
These courses are designed to guide students through the art of applying mathematics to analytical problem solving and furthering their critical thinking skills. They are appropriate for any students wishing to further their mathematical knowledge beyond what are being taught in schools.
Suitable for students in Grade 3-8 or Year 4-9
Levels I-IV (Grade 3-4 or Year 4-5); Levels V-VIII (Grade 5-6 or Year 6-7); Levels IX-XII (Grade 7-8 or Year 8-9)
Emphasis on word-based math questions and forming methods to solve them
Carefully guided instruction to allow students creative problem solving skills to be developed
Comprehensive practice of a variety of new mathematical problems and concepts
Individualized feedback and supervision by highly competent instructors
Small class size (max. 4 students) ensures student interaction and instructor accessibility
How can this course hone your mathematical thinking skills?
We explore problem solving through areas like data processing, graphs, spatial reasoning, algebra, patterns and mathematical models. The purpose is twofold: to develop analytical problem-solving skills and broaden students' perspectives on the critical math concepts all around them.
Problems are designed to enhance contextual relevance, complexity, versatility and creativity. They are presented in a progressive structure and designed based on questions found in Thinking Skill Assessment, International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), UK Math challenge, American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), MAT and other tests that require higher level thinking. They are not traditional exercises with solutions repeatable from a singular example or a standard algorithm. We encourage an open attitude toward solving problems with a creative approach: a mindset that is transferrable to areas of studies outside mathematics.

“If a student’s first response is to decide which algorithms to use,
then he or she is not solving a problem at all.”
(Frank, Baker & Herron, 1987)

Course problems are also based on critical mathematical skills and will later focus on more advanced theories and frameworks building up to exams. For most students, understanding and applying concepts is far more important than acquiring new knowledge. Our approach is structured with this belief in mind, and the goal of this course is to help students refine their ability to apply the theories and concepts independently.
Our STEM course offers students an experience of a fun and different approach to Science and Mathematics. STEM elements in our daily lives, and topics favored by children, will be discussed in each class. Students are encouraged to participate in class and personal involvement is the key aspect. Knowledge will be absorbed naturally when students come to understand how things work around us. Through experimenting, researching, deducing, understanding, and manipulating knowledge, they practice their thinking skills. Such experience will be more memorable and personal than traditional school classes.
Suitable for students in Grade 4-8 or Year 5-9
Level I (Grade 4-6 or Year 5-7); Level II (Grade 7-8 or Year 8-9)
Interactive activities encourage creative and critical thinking
Individualized feedback and supervision by highly competent instructors
Small class size between 2 to 5 students
Level I (Grade 4-6 or Year 5-7)
This level provides students with basic scientific knowledge that is needed for academic science topics, for example the introduction of force, atoms and energy. Interesting puzzle-like material allows diffusion of knowledge that is more flexible than school classes. Students are encouraged to make wild guesses and learn to refine them, which is a precursor to the scientific method.
Level II (Grade 7-8 or Year 8-9)
This higher level introduces the scientific method with more focus on critical thinking, and even more space for students to formulate their own ideas. Students are encouraged to behave like a scientist, where the goal is not regurgitation of knowledge but rather to seek one’s own answer. Students will make use of basic scientific knowledge to make predictions, and to acquire advanced knowledge in due course.
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