Oxford and Cambridge are amongst the world’s most prestigious universities with many students applying each year. In order to help parents and students understand the Oxbridge application process and strategies to succeed, we offer a free one-hour 1-1 consultation session for aspiring students to assess their suitability and offer advice on how to prepare.
One of the major reasons why aspiring students fail to get accepted in Oxford and Cambridge is because the academic preparation which underlies the application process are often unapparent to students until it is too late. Academic rigor and razor sharp critical thinking skills are the two main criteria Oxbridge examiners are looking for in successful candidates, both of which can be prepared for in advance.
Preparing for Oxbridge is a rigorous 1-1 preparation course which helps students master discipline-specific knowhow and the critical thinking skills needed to succeed in Oxbridge interviews and entrance tests. All our instructors are experts in their fields, many of which are Oxbridge alumni. Advice will be also given on subject and Oxbridge college selection.
The course would include the following:
Interview Preparation
Entrance Examination Training
Exams covered include TSA, MAT, LNAT, Cambridge Law Test and BMAT as well as college specific testing (if required).
Subject knowledge and critical training skills required for mastering the interview and examination will be included in the course.
The first impression made by candidates to an Oxbridge admissions tutor is their personal statement. All candidates applying to Oxbridge would already have a stellar academic track record and the personal statement is an opportunity to set yourself apart and make a good impression to your college of interest.
The focus of the Oxbridge Application Workshop is to help students craft a piece of personal statement which is true to their ambitions and motivations whilst also demonstrating the academic potential to succeed in their subject of interest.
The workshop would include the following:
Personal Statement Development
Subject/College Selection
(Other) Universities Selection
UCAS Application Assistance
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