The Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) is required by all U.S. boarding schools. Students entering middle school are required to take the Middle Level SSAT. Students entering high school 9th and 10th grades are required to take the Upper Level test. Typically, students who are seeking to enter 11th or 12th grade are required to submit PSAT or SAT scores, depending on each school’s specific requirements.
The SSAT is a multiple-choice test that consists of three sections: quantitative (math), verbal and reading comprehension. The test ends with a writing section that is sent to the schools to demonstrate a student’s writing ability.
The SSAT phrases its questions in ways designed to introduce doubt. Since the SSAT awards one point for every correct answer and deducts a quarter point for every wrong answer and no points are deducted if a question is skipped, the SSAT discourages random guessing. What the SSAT does encourage is educated guessing – and that’s what we’ll teach you.
We take a highly strategic approach to help you home in on your areas of weakness and help you overcome your common mistakes. Students often find that they are able to eliminate two to three out of five answers only to be stuck with two answers that seem very close, if not almost interchangeable.
We will teach you the tricks that help you achieve near certainty while you’re under pressure. We regularly administer real, past SSAT tests in a simulated test environment to help you prepare for the big day.
The interview is the most neglected opportunity in the boarding school application process. This is the best moment for students to make their pitch and leave a favorable and memorable impression. Unfortunately, many students don’t realize they’re unprepared until it’s already too late.
Our interview prep teaches students how to think on their feet while emphasizing their uniqueness. We coach students to show instead of tell; how to stay present in an interview while finding room to think before speaking; and how to relax so you put yourself and your interviewer at ease.
We break down human interaction to the essentials: eye contact, facial expression, body language, tone of voice, listening and organic give and take. We coach you to on ways to present your strengths (without bragging) and convince the schools that you will be an asset to their community.
Like all iThink services, our interview prep is personalized around each student.
We tape all interview sessions so students can see what the interviewer sees. While students can opt out of this, we highly recommend students to overcome any fears of seeing themselves make mistakes.
In the process, students will naturally build a thicker skin. This will help set them apart long after boarding school. They will find that they are better prepared to handle surprise situations and they will continue to apply these skills in university, in their jobs and throughout their lives.
The personal and parent statements are a vital part of the boarding school application. Some schools also give students the option to answer additional short questions that we always encourage students to complete. Whenever possible, we encourage students to answer every school’s specific personal statement prompts instead of submitting a generic personal statement.
We will help develop a unique angle that stays true to the student’s identity. Our process is highly collaborative. We will outline the response together then ask the student to write a first draft at home. We will edit the piece together and again, the student writes a second draft on his/her own. We continue this editing process until we have a final draft that we feel is a faithful representation of a student’s strengths.
If there are any short answers, we will brainstorm the responses together.
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