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Our team of professionals consists of well-experienced teachers and top international university graduates, who are honors degree holders of the subjects that they teach. They are also conversant with the local and international educational curricula in Hong Kong and overseas.
Ben Appleby – English & History Instructor
Ben is an English and History instructor from the UK with a degree in English and American Literature, and years of teaching experience in Hong Kong. As a former student of Winchester College, he has first-hand knowledge of the British boarding school system, and has helped many Hong Kong students in the past get into their educational establishment of choice. Having taught students in an age range of eight to eighteen, he is experienced in helping students with a wide range of abilities and needs.
Ben is also a firm believer that if a student is expected to remember what he or she is taught, then the teaching process must be lively and dynamic. As such his teaching style is one that requires the student really engage with the material in order to get the most out of it. Helping students adjust from the local education system to a more critically thinking orientated style of learning is one of his specialties. When not teaching, Ben enjoys drawing and hiking.
Andrew Nunn - English Instructor
Andrew is an English instructor with more than 5 years of experience teaching English in Hong Kong. Born and bred in Hong Kong, Andrew grew up attending ESF schools and then went to university in the UK, where he graduated with a BSc (Honours) degree in Economics.
Shortly after graduating from university in England, he returned to Hong Kong and started his first role at a Big Four accounting firm, Deloitte and Touche. He attained the Trinity College London TESOL teaching certificate later and started his first tutoring role at an English language learning centre in Hong Kong, where he worked for five years helping to improve the English language skills of young Hong Kong locals. His students’ ages have mostly ranged from 3 to 18, and his teaching experience has covered all areas of English language learning.
Andrew has a passion for helping people learn, and he believes that learning should not be about being spoon-fed knowledge and ideas, but rather about being more proactive and seeking knowledge. Therefore, he tries to encourage a more interactive approach to learning, rather than simply drilling ideas into one’s head. Outside of teaching, he enjoys travelling and playing golf, and has been involved in voluntary work.
Alicia Beale – English Instructor
Alicia is an experienced and engaging teacher who loves mentoring students in creative and academic essay writing. She has taught both subjects previously at the University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong and now currently she is teaching a writing course at Hong Kong Baptist University. Also she is a capable teacher of IGCSE English, IGCSE English (second language) and IGCSE English Literature, GCSE English and IELTS exams as well as HKDSE English Language/English Literature. Within her nine years of living and teaching in Hong Kong, Alicia has been using methods and materials in order to better prepare students in an exciting and encouraging way to realize their own writing process and expression in their use of language. Furthermore, Alicia has utilized her passion for English Literature to inspire students to dig deeper in their literary analysis and to explore the levels of meaning in literature.
Jo Farrell - English Instructor
Born in London, England Jo has spent the past eleven years in Hong Kong. Since 2011 she has taught primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, including tutoring for the annual speech festival and debating teams. Over the past three years she has concentrated on personalising classes for small groups, assessing students requirements and tailoring classes to individuals needs. With a background in communications and marketing, Jo focuses on building confidence and vocabulary to write and present the finest work. Her teaching experience has encompassed I/GCSE, International Baccalaureate, and A-Levels curricula as well as international English proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS.
Ms. Farrell is an award-winning black & white photographer and cultural anthropologist. Her photography work focuses on traditions and cultures that are dying out. She has been working on a long-term project of capturing and celebrating the lives of the last remaining women with bound feet in China. Her project Living History has received critical acclaim on the BBC, CNN, The Guardian, SCMP, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The Huffington Post.
Christine Vicera – English Instructor
Christine graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She is now a postgraduate student at the University of Hong Kong pursuing a Master of Arts in Literary and Cultural Studies. As a former academic scholar at St. Margaret's Co-Educational Secondary School and Renaissance College, Christine has a strong first-hand understanding of both the local HKDSE and IB curricula.
Christine’s passion for teaching developed as early as junior high, when she was a mentor for primary school students. She currently teaches a broad range of subjects ranging from English Language and Literature, Theory of Knowledge and History. Her formal teaching experience has fostered her familiarity with the I/GCSE, International Baccalaureate, and A-Levels curricula as well as international English proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. Moreover, having taught students of different ages, she demonstrates competence in adapting her teaching style to suit students’ individual needs and abilities.
Her teaching philosophy is best summarised in French author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Wisdom of Sands: “If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people together to collect wood and assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” Not only does she hope to guide students, helping them reach their academic goals, but more so, she hopes to shape them to become independent, inquisitive learners and critical thinkers, and inspire them to discover passion in their pursuit of knowledge.
Nicole Chan – English Instructor
Nicole graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a double degree in Arts and Law. Captivated by both the beauty of the English language and the intricate logic of the law, she achieved top grades in a range of courses and was honoured on the Dean’s List. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she understands the difficulties that ESL students may face in their pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence. She has been a tutor for 5 years and has worked with students aged ten to eighteen with the IGCSE and DSE curricula. She is also a peer English tutor at the University of Hong Kong.
As a self-learner who has never taken tutorial lessons throughout her education, Nicole believes that every student has what it takes to take control of his or her own learning experience. She guides students through texts by eliciting and developing their thoughts and ideas. At the same time, she encourages students to understand themselves and learn how to learn. With her interdisciplinary background, Nicole can help students to become critical readers, effective writers, and independent thinkers.
Nicole is a lover of books, films, and jogging along the coastline.
Justin Hung – English Instructor
Justin is a graduate from Emory University in the United States, formerly enrolling in its creative writing and history programs for his undergraduate studies. Coming out of the most highly ranked creative writing program in the country, he hopes to utilize the very lessons he received from some of the most well versed minds in contemporary literature to enhance both the learning process of his students as well as their enjoyment of the course. Through his history courses, Justin is also familiarized with the methodology of nonfiction writing along with extensive research and information retrieval.
Justin hopes to encourage students to not only follow a set of instructions in regards to their assignments, but allow their own creative faculties to construct solutions and craft well written pieces, delivering their opinions and stances in a personalized and academically proficient manner. He hopes that by doing so, students would not see assignments as mere sets of repetitive and tedious skill based exercises, but as opportunities for them to experience and respond personally to novel ideas.
James Brockman – English Instructor
James is an English and Drama facilitator with over twelve years of teaching experience in Asia.
Born in Hong Kong, he spent his formative years here until, at the age of nine, he encountered the UK boarding school system at first hand. At university he gained a BA (Honours) degree in English, honing his theatrical experience along the way. Before moving back to this part of the world, he undertook the Trinity CertTESOL and then set his sights on Macau.
In both Macau and Hong Kong, he has been given the opportunity to fulfill a variety of roles including that of teacher at local and international schools, education centres and in adult or corporate settings too. He has directed school and university theatrical productions, given drama workshops, designed curricula, web-based learning and English language course books for a plethora of companies and institutions. More recently, he has specialized into the field of IELTS at the British Council and has been an English language adjudicator for hundreds of kindergarten, primary and secondary participants at the Hong Kong Open Speech Competition.
His philosophy and outlook as a teacher has always been central to the idea that students should be engaged thoroughly and with zeal before any ‘real’ work may begin. His interests revolve around the outdoors, music and acting.
Hercules Pang – Science & Mathematics Instructor
Hercules graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Natural Sciences. While he majored in chemistry, the Natural Sciences tripos allowed him to study a broad range of modules and the cross-discipline knowledge that he gained allows him to understand and explain different science topics very easily.
He believes that the best way to do well in exams is to have a systematic approach to problem solving. He has applied his methodologies to obtain an A*A*A*A result in GCE A-levels and he looks to help his students to achieve the best possible results.
Having studied in the United Kingdom for ten years, he has a deep understanding of the GCSE and GCE syllabus and can help the students navigate through the twists and traps in various exam level problems.
KC Wong – Academic Director and Mathematics Instructor
KC is the Academic Director and Maths Instructor at iTHINK. He graduated from the University of Oxford with a MEng degree in Engineering Science and attended Fettes College in the lovely city of Edinburgh in UK prior to that. After graduation, KC started his career in the investment banking industry and had worked in various roles in investment banking including trading and risk management in banks such as Credit Suisse and JPMorgan. Having studied in the United Kingdom for almost ten years, he has a good understanding of the GCSE and GCE syllabus as well as the Oxbridge entrance.
Education has always been a passion for KC. He admires the concept of educating and developing individuals in an all rounded manner, so that students can fully appreciate learning and become a lifelong learner. He believes that being able to think logically and critically is key to problem solving, be it a mathematical puzzle or a real life situation further in one’s life. KC believes that each student has different learning styles. He aims to maximise the students’ potential by helping them to refine and improve their learning processes so they can get the most out of it.
Kent Kwan – Science & Mathematics Instructor
Kent is a Mathematics and Physics instructor, who has a wealth of teaching experience for the IB, GCE A-Level, IGCSE and HKDSE curricula. He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. During his school days he achieved top grades 5** in Math M2, Core Math and Physics in HKDSE. He was also a member of Hong Kong Gifted Academy in the Area of Mathematics.
Kent has a profound interest in engineering, pure mathematics and physics. University life has given him an opportunity to explore both the practical and theoretical knowledge of Science. He thoroughly enjoyed it and would like to share his skills and knowledge to help students to get better prepared for their examinations.
Kent’s lessons not only focus on exam preparation, it places a high emphasis on logic and thinking. He believes the subjects of Mathematics and physics provide a solid foundation for students to develop their logical thinking skills. He hopes that he can help his students to equip themselves with the right tools to solve different types of mathematical and science puzzles.
Sam Yue – Science & Mathematics Instructor
Fascinated by nature and animals during his childhood, Sam has since obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology with Honors and a Master of Science in Zoology from the University of British Columbia. Growing up in Canada, he is familiar with the Canadian curriculum, as well as IB, AP, SAT, and TOEFL. He has over 8 years of experience teaching Science and English, and his students have ranged from primary to university-level students in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Taiwan. Sam strives to make learning engaging and insightful, rather than just memorizing how to solve particular problems. He encourages students to notice common patterns across disciplines to improve their observation and problem solving capacities. Outside of teaching, Sam is also a nature guide, ecotour developer, graphic designer, and photographer. He regularly hosts ecotours and photography workshops in Hong Kong.
Victor Chan – Mathematics Instructor
Victor is a gifted Mathematics tutor with experience teaching students for the IB, GCE A-level and HKDSE curricula. Passionate in Mathematics and problem solving, he inspires and enlightens his students with infectious enthusiasm.
As a star student during his school days, Victor was elected to be a member of The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education. He organized in-school mathematics tutoring sessions as a head math prefect and also coached candidates for the Hong Kong Olympiad Physics.
Victor achieved 8 As in HKCEE and was admitted the University of Hong Kong with scholarship through the Early Admission Scheme. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science.
During his three years as a tutor, Victor has gained a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for various curricula in international schools. He has also developed skills and knowledge to engage learners ranging in abilities and learning styles.
Andrew To – Science Instructor
Andrew studied physics, chemistry and biology at University of California Berkeley and University of Wisconsin Madison where he holds a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology. An expert in science, he can turn difficult scientific concepts into simple bits of ideas.
Andrew has years of experience teaching science of different curricula, including the popular I/GCSE, GCE, AP, IB and SAT II. He focuses on logic and understanding, training the analytical minds of his students to better prepare them for any challenges that may come up in their studies. Andrew helped many students to greatly improve their academic results, all of which subsequently went to top tier universities.
Shannon Lam – Science & Mathematics Instructor
Shannon is studying medicine at The University of Hong Kong. Grown in a competitive environment in Hong Kong, she understands the ways of striving in examinations. She has attained 6 5** and 2 5* in 2017 HKDSE, being one of the 30 top achievers over 60000 candidates.
Her enthusiasm for problem solving and teaching has sprouted since she was small. To her, there is no such division as ‘talented and talentless’, but only differences in endurance and efforts. Academic merit is never far away if students are willing to learn and able to find their own studying methods. She emphasizes the significance of understanding the concepts, analyses and practices. This belief motivates her to be a tutor for over 3 years, to inspire, and to share all the skills and knowledge.
Honor Chan – Director of Advisement & Planning
Honor studied at Barnard College of Columbia University and the University of Southern California. She earned a cumulative GPA of 3.94 out of a 4.0 scale and graduated with honors in Comparative Literature. She later earned her certification in family counseling at the Southern California Counseling Center. She is also TESOL-certified.
Recognized as a rising star in communications strategy, Honor started her own ad agency after a fulfilling stint as a journalist at the beloved weekly newspaper Los Angeles CityBeat. Her agency received awards from Creativity International, W3, Communicator Awards and the Daveys. Her clients included Samsung, Magic Johnson Foundation, and Liberty Hill, Los Angeles’ leading foundation overseen by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, “Star Trek” director J.J. Abrams and Steve Zaillian, the Oscar-winning writer/director of “Schindler’s List.”
Honor is a seasoned presenter who’s pitched and run billion-dollar campaign initiatives in the U.S. and a savvy strategist who’s transformed obscure clients into icons. Here at iTHINK, she leads the strategic design and development of our courses and consulting services. Additionally, she provides families with insider insight on American education and admissions strategy. She also teaches our Rhetoric course where students learn to deliver winning speeches and write powerful essays.
Carol Chiu – Senior Relationship Manager & Academic Advisor
Carol is a senior relationship manager & academic advisor at iTHINK. She holds a Master's degree in Pharmacy and started her studies in the UK at a young age when her family decided to permanently move to the UK. It was a life changing experience for her and it definitively broadened her exposure to the skills and interests which have since become essential to her work.
Carol began her educational career as an English and Pharmacy tutor after she decided to move back to HK. She has since developed a strong passion in this field and has helped many students to achieve good results and study overseas.
Having taught students of all ages and from a wide range of schools, Carol is experienced at finding out students’ abilities and needs. She believes that every student is unique and they are all hidden gems waiting to be discovered and properly honed. Therefore, giving the most suitable help, individually customised to each student is extremely important in discovering the underlying potential within them. Carol now uses her experience to provide comprehensive educational advice to students and parents here at iTHINK. She also assists the iTHINK team with curriculum development, course planning, special events and business development.
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