U.S. universities seek well-rounded candidates with a track record of independent thought, capacity for critical thinking and evidence of intellectual curiosity. Competitive universities expect applicants to spend their high school years exploring their interests and demonstrating commitment to these interests. These selective universities also expect students to choose rigorous coursework to prove that they are prepared for the demands of college.
While students are not expected to declare a major in their freshman year, it's vital that students show admissions officers a history of activities that paint a faithful picture of a student's character and interests. Admissions committees are all too familiar with high achieving students. Excellent grades and a long list of extracurricular activities alone are no longer enough to help a student get into competitive universities. This is where iThink can help.
During Admissions Strategy & Planning, we examine a student's academic and extracurricular history to identify a student's most winning strengths. We help each student tell his unique story to leave a powerful and positive impression. We will help you distinguish yourself from other star students to boost your chances of admission at your target universities.
Our program step-by-step:
Part 1: Initial Assessment
To begin, we request that prospective applicants provide us their most recent mock SAT scores. Additionally, we request to see the following:
Transcripts or report cards from the past
List of awards received
List of extracurricular activities and/or noteworthy projects from the past
Applicant’s strongest graded writing sample to date
Upon providing the above, we will schedule a 1-hour meeting where our advisor will get to know the applicant better. Following the meeting, we will administer a 1-hour writing assessment. Our advisor will use available information to assess the applicant’s competitiveness.
Additionally, we ask the applicant and his family to complete a school search criteria form before we begin school selection. This form will ask, for example, if the applicant prefers a geographic location over another or requires that a certain sport or club is available at the school.
Part 2: School Selection
Based on the information gathered above, our advisor will provide a report called “Ideal Fit” which details our understanding of the applicant’s personality, strengths and the kind of school environment that will be a good match.
Our advisor will present an initial list of schools for selection. If time permits, we give the applicant’s family ample time to make a decision on total number of schools to apply to. In order to ensure timely completion of all applications, we urge families to make this decision as early in the process as possible.
Once the family has decided, we will proceed with applications.
Part 3: Begin Application
Our advisor will send the applicant links to each school application. Parents will need to complete part 1 of the application (which asks for personal details) and also submit application fees directly to each school.
Part 4: Personal Statement/Short Essay Development & Editing
Our advisor will guide the applicant to produce strong written responses. While our advisor cannot write on the applicant’s behalf, each response will be carefully reviewed and edited. Our advisor will also teach the applicant how to write better and how to craft competitive essays. Students will also complete their writing in their own time at home.
Part 5: SAT & TOEFL [available as an add-on service]
Applicants may elect to receive one-on-one help to prepare for the SAT and/or TOEFL.
Part 6: Letters of Recommendation
The applicant will notify his current teachers his intention to apply to universities and request letters of recommendations from them. We urge students to request letters from teachers most likely to write positive recommendations.
Part 7: Interview Prep [available as an add-on service]
Applicants can schedule interview prep sessions with our advisor. Each session lasts 1 hour and includes the rehearsal of most frequently asked questions as well as videotaping during later sessions.
Part 8: Campus Visit and Interview
Our advisor will schedule campus visits on the family’s behalf.
General Support
Time management
We will provide a timeline at the beginning of the application process. Our advisor will remind the applicant of deadlines.
School liaison
Our advisor will communicate with schools on the family’s behalf regarding all matters related to the admission process.
Only available to families who are on one of our plans
What to bring for you
Preparing for dorm life
Culture adjustment
Neighborhood information
We can fly with you!
If your child only needs help in one particular area, we offer the following standalone services. Families on any of our plans are eligible to receive 10% discount on all standalone services except for travel:
General admissions advisement
SAT prep
Personal statement development
Interview prep
Educational coaching
General academic tutoring
Travel accompaniment
Rejection happens even to the brightest students and we remind families that this is always a possibility. In the event that no admission offer is made, we will develop a personalized plan to help you reapply.
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