The right choice of school selection on the UCAS application is important as it not only allows students to be admitted to a school, but also has a great impact to their future academic studies and career. With only a few university choices to make, and with only predicted grades to go on, certain strategies will help to maximise the chance of suceeding in obtaining a place in the university of their choice.
During Admissions Strategy & Planning, we examine a student's personal interest, academic and extracurricular history to identify the student's most winning strengths. We will help you distinguish yourself from other star students to boost your chance of admission at your target courses or universities.
Our service includes:
UCAS Application Assistance
Universities Selection
Course/Subject Selection
Application Strategies
Interview Preparation
The first impression made by candidates to the admissions tutors is their personal statement. Your personal statement is the only chance you have to tell the admissions tutor why you want to gain a place in their department, and what sort of person you are.
Our experienced advisors help students to develop a unique angle that stays true to their identity and experiences. Our process is highly collaborative. We will outline the responses together then ask the student to write a first draft at home. We will edit the piece together and again, the student writes a second draft on his/her own. We continue this editing process until we have a final draft that we feel is a faithful representation of a student’s strengths to boost his/her chance of being admitted by his/her target universities.
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